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Joe Mikulik is awesome... that giant douchebag kind of way. dave submitted a great story about minor league coach Joe Mikulik completely losing it after what he considered a bad call. There's video of the whole incident on the article page. It all started in the fifth inning when Asheville pitcher Brandon Durden tried...

Video iPod aids pitchers

dave submitted an interesting story about how some baseball teams are having their pitchers study past games on their video iPod. Three hours before a start against Florida, Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings sits in front of his locker, puts on his headphones and stares at his video iPod. He...

Budweiser's Leon traded from Schaumburg Flyers for Budweiser

dave submitted a funny story about how a Schaumburg pitcher was traded for 60 cases of Budweiser. Yes, you read that correctly. In recent days, a right handed pitcher by the name of Nigel Thatch was traded for sixty cases of Budweiser beer. If you donít believe me, then have a look for yourself. The...

Hilarious baseball video

dave submitted this great video:

1986 World Series re-enactment in RBI Baseball

dave submitted a blog entry with a video of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, re-enacted in RBI Baseball. This is hilarious:

Topps owns a "Trade Barry!" billboard

dave submitted a CBS story about how Topps owns a "Trade Barry!" billboard that has been seen near the Giants' ballpark. The billboard made the papers and the local newscasts since it seemed to be taking a swipe at Giants slugger Barry Bonds. Topps says "trade" in the advertisement refers to trading...

Ticketmaster selling White Sox stadium seats at $500 a pair

dave submitted a link to Ticketmaster's sale of stadium seats from U.S. Cellular Field, saying "for $500 you can sit in uncomfortable stadium seats in the privacy of your own home!"

Dave's World Series Trifecta

dave submitted 3 articles related to the World Series. In the first, a Houston attorney is suing MLB for mandating the roof remain open and not providing adequate notice to fans, causing some to get sick because they did not prepare for the cold since the dome was open. In other news, the same attorney...