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The Daily Show on White House transparency

This is hilarious. And kind of pathetic.

Jon Stewart's Jim Cramer interview is great

For those that haven't been following it, Jon Stewart originally called out CNBC as a whole regarding their unfair reporting and advertising, stating they claimed and advertised to be providing sound financial advice while knowing that the advice they provided wasn't the full story and in some cases...

The second Daily Show exodus

The Daily Show is following a path similar to SNL, in which they build and lose talent in waves. The first major exodus happened in 2005/2006 when they lost Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, and Rob (and Nate) Corddry. Now it looks like in the next year or two they will lose Rob Riggle, Jason...

Jon Stewart helps writers on strike for Daily Show and Colbert Report

Despite being unconfirmed as of yet, this isn't hard to believe and is pretty damn awesome. Though Jon Stewart didn't really need to do something to make himself more awesome. Apparently he's offering to pay the writing staff from his own pocket while they're on strike. They still won't be writing, but...

Slimming down?

This was a hilarious Slimming Down with Steve. The whole thing is great, but the best part of it is the last 2 minutes (skip to 4:12):

Friday Daily Show Shenanigans

Want some incredible news? The Daily Show used to have many clips from the show up on the Comedy Central website, but the whole collection was incomplete and it was impossible to find anything. But no more! Today Comedy Central launched which has 9 years of Daily Show archives available...

Daily Show trivia

Surely I can't be the only one that was unaware that The Daily Show's Samantha Bee and Jason Jones are married. I found out by reading an interview with her online. Though it sounds like they may have talked about it on the show when she left temporarily to have their child and Jason Jones was brought...

The Daily Show on-location in Iraq...for real

This is pretty cool...the Daily Show frequently does reports from "remote locations" that are really almost always green-screened (though some aren't, like their report on U of I's chief). But this week's reports will be coming from Rob Riggle who was actually in Iraq: Riggle from his marine days Giving...

Ed Helms clears up confusion about taints

There was a spectacular piece on The Daily Show where Ed Helms explains taints in politics. It's quite a shocking report, on the internet courtesy of Update: Thanks to the new Daily Show website, I can now embed this here:

Suicide shuts down Daily Show

dave submitted a link to a story on E!Online that gets the "Most Inappropriate Use of an Image" award. It's about how the suicide of a young employee over the weekend shut down The Daily Show yesterday. My guess is they meant to use this picture (or this one), where Stephen Colbert's left eyebrow...

The Daily Show goes international

Much to Comedy Central's surprise, the UK's Channel 4 wanted a syndication deal to air The Daily Show as part of their new digital channel More4, Yahoo reports. The show is already shown internationally in a "weekly digest" format on CNN international, but not in its entirety.