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Aquafina is just tap water

Aquafina is about to change their labeling to stop misleading people into thinking their water is something other than tap water. Currently the way they market it and their "purity guaranteed" line make it seem like it's coming from a different source. The label on Aquafina water bottles will soon...

Cocaine drink being renamed

Looks like Redux beverages is renaming their "Cocaine" energy drink, at least temporarily. That's because of controversy about how it's being marketed as an illegal drug alternative, and also because of licensing issues. The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter last month that said...

I must be confused...

Label me naive if you want, but I really thought that when you have as much money as Paris Hilton does, you wouldn't: Drive yourself around, especially when your license is suspended. After all, you can afford a chauffeur. Drive a car that doesn't have automatic headlights (or turn them off if they...

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died of stingray attack

It's all over the news now....Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died on Monday. Apparently it was a result of an unlikely circumstance. He was snorkeling at Australia's Great Barrier Reef and as he passed over a stingray, its barb hit him in the chest. From Auckland, New Zealand, Ashwin Prabhu writes:...

Gilbert Gottfried named World's Unsexiest Man

According to the Boston Phoenix, Gilbert Gottfried is the Unsexiest Man in the World. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried tops the list compiled by the Boston Phoenix's Web site. The list is a mix of entertainers, sports stars, even terrorists. Osama bin Laden is number eight on the list. Of Gottfried,...

Paris Hilton's only pose

Ever notice how Paris Hilton always looks the same? Well, so did these guys. Staring too long at this animation will give you seizures, or so I'm told.