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Anyone that's gone to U of I probably knows that plenty of people outside the state have heard of The University of Illinois and associate it with the Champaign campus (as opposed to Chicago and Springfield). But far fewer know that UIUC stands for University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. So they've...

Daily Show on U of I's Chief Illiniwek

Last night the Daily Show did a segment on the retiring of Chief Illiniwek at The University of Illinois. Aasif Mandvi appears in Brothers and on Green Street (puking). He's pretty hilarious as usual... when they said the Chief would not be performing at games, he asked "What if the football team really...

Daily Illini making headlines

dave submitted a link to a Chicago Tribune article mentioning how the Daily Illini published the photos of the Danish cartoons that have sparked violence in Europe. While UN Secretary General Kofi Annan chastised newspapers Thursday that continue to publish the cartoons, Daily Illini editor-in-chief...

Memorial Stadium Renovation

dave pointed to an article about the upcoming renovation of Memorial Stadium. The brochure—sent out to donors this week—provides an overview of the upgrades to the beloved 82-year-old stadium: Luxury suites on the west side Enlarged press box Permanent seating in the north end zone Improved...