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Gametap for free!

This is some pretty cool news. You know about the site Gametap? The site has tons of videogames from older consoles, PC games, etc. Basically it's a huge library of classic videogames that can be played online. Up until now, it cost $9.99/month for unlimited access to over 800 games. But starting at...

Interactive, immersive gaming

dave submitted a story about an interactive game that breaks the usual gaming mold. The game is called The Great Escape: This medieval-looking electric chair sits deep inside an old bank in Madrid. The building has been remodeled to house La Fuga, a real-life role-playing game. Think of La Fuga (The...

18-year old wins $100,000 playing Madden

dave submitted an article about an 18-year old who won $100,000 playing Madden. Thousands entered regional tournaments across 32 cities, but only one could thumb his way to the title. The 4th annual EA SPORTS Madden Challenge Tournament from Electronic Arts, congratulates Jarvis Thomas, the National...

Madden Nation

dave submitted an article about a new reality series centered around Madden '06: "ESPN 2 is airing a reality series with Madden gamers competing to stay aboard a nationwide bus trip. The ride ends in NYC with 2 people playing for winner take all $100,000, on the big screen in Times Square."