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Deeeeeeeeeeeee for Shaloooooooooooosh

Mark submitted the following story: "Former Illini superstar Dee Brown is making his professional return to basketball, this time suiting up for former Euroleague champion Maccabi Tel Aviv. Rumor has it the team is interested in his skills in handling the falafel." (photo courtesy of Burnsy) (story...

NCAA Tournament comments here!

Yes, yesterday was light on posts. And today will be as well. It's March Madness! Scores can be found here, and leave any comments relating to the tournament and brackets under this post.

Win Your Bracket

junosand (mark) submitted a FOX Sports article with tips on how to win your NCAA Tournament pool. There's a ton of them, here's a few: Don't pick the No. 16 seeds If you're desperate, try for a No. 15 seed to make a big splash. Four of them have won first-round games; Pick at least one No....

ESPN's NBA Trademachine

dave submitted a link to ESPN's NBA Trademachine with the following description: "'s NBA Trade Machine is the must-see toy of the week. Looking to kill time between now and Thursday's NBA trading deadline? Here it is. Not only is it fun to play out wild, armchair-GM fantasies, but you can begin...

Andre Iguodala robbed of slam-dunk title

ESPN has an article explaining how Andre Iguodala was robbed of the slam dunk title when it was awarded to Nate Robinson instead, and they blame the judges. Even though it was obvious to the crowd that Philly's swingman delivered the best dunk of the night in the first round, catching an Allen Iverson...

Oklahoma High School Basketball Team loses 112-2

A story on central Florida's local news describes a high school basketball game that was completely absurd. "It was embarrassing to watch," Earlsboro [the opposing team] coach Jim Walling told The Oklahoman. "But you can't just tell your kids not to score. I've been coaching 27 years and have never...

Indians - no, not like Burnsy

dave writes: "The Fighting Illini will never be in the NCAA tournament again. Read here. If you look at the top 5 offenders - Illinois and Bradley make the cut (top right)"