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US is slow to implement 2D mobile barcodes

About two months ago, Sprint had an ad in Wired magazine (pictured below) that talked about how things may soon get barcodes printed on them so you could scan them with a mobile device. For instance, a barcode on a movie poster could be scanned on your phone, and it would lead you to a website with showtimes....

Time to ditch that landline

It's been a trend for a while now - people ditching their home phone landlines in favor of using their cellphone all the time. As plans got cheaper and included more minutes, it became even more possible to do so, and the cost of a landline started looking like an unnecessary expense. Some were forced...

The Opera Mini beta just got eleventy billion times cooler

I was a huge fan of Opera Mini from the moment I discovered it. It's a mobile web browser, and it blew my phone's standard browser out of the water. It had some limitations versus the built-in browser (i.e. unable to play streaming video) and some limitations that affect the majority of mobile browsers...

Senator supporting driving cell phone fine causes accident while on cell phone

Apparently a California senator who voted to impose a fine on drivers using cell phones get into an accident because she was on her cell phone. State Sen. Carole Migden, 58, D-San Francisco, was driving her state-issued SUV near Vallejo on Friday morning when she rear-ended another vehicle, according...

Hikers saved by cellphone flash

A couple of hikers got lost in the woods and found their flashlight was dying. They successfully used a cellphone flash to signal rescuers. A man and a woman, who authorities did not identify, alerted emergency workers around 8:30 p.m. Sunday that they had lost their way on a hiking trail in the House...

Dual-sliding cell phone

According to TechEBlog, a new LG phone has dual-sliding pieces. The first sliding portion unveils the standard keypad. The second uncovers additional multimedia keys. Unfortunately, this slick phone will likely not be available in the US.

Cingular and T-Mobile temporarily halt Razr sales

According to the Seattle PI, both Cingular and T-Mobile are temporarily halting Motorola Razr sales due to a defect that has been discovered which sometimes causes calls to get disconnected. Motorola said Friday the glitch affects only a limited number of phones and it does not expect any impact on...