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Videogames - Nintendo Wii Displaying all 8 stories for the Videogames - Nintendo Wii topic.

Wiiware/Wii software - original games by smaller developers

Nintendo has announced that starting next year, Wii owners will be able to use a new service called either WiiWare or Wii Software to download games from developers via the Shop Channel. By allowing the games to be downloaded instead of stocked in stores, smaller companies get a chance to create games...

Madden 08 sounds cooler

Madden 07 on the Nintendo Wii is pretty incredible. It uses the Wiimote to let you gesture your moves such as throwing a pass, punting, juking, power moves, and much more. But that's also part of the problem. There's so many actions you can take that it gets to be overwhelming, and often you'll forget...

This Mario's not for kids

I was playing the new Super Paper Mario on the Nintendo Wii, and came to a part where it told me to type in a catchy, cool word. So of course I typed the first thing that popped into my head. Check out the result after the jump (warning: contains LARGE profanity).

Reason #32487324 I love Nintendo

This is so cool. It's so rare to see a company doing customer service right, that it had to be posted. Basically, a guy that bought a Nintendo Wii on launch day had some problems with the optical drive vibrating and making excessive noise. I suggest you read the full story, but here's the semi-short...

New version of Rampage to come out for Nintendo this year

This is fantastic news. According to an IGN article, there is going to be a new version of the game Rampage that will come out this year for Nintendo's new Wii console which debuts in the fall. Midway announced that a Wii-enhanced build of Rampage: Total Destruction is in the works and set...

Reason #23784 I am going to buy Nintendo's Wii

Seriously, if I could pre-order it now, I would.

Nintendo Wii at E3

Leading into Nintendo's unveiling (finally!) at E3 tomorrow, there's an awesome TIME article on the Wii - Nintendo's next console - and what you can do with it. Reportedly, the sensors are responsive enough to apply spin to the ball in tennis if you swing the controller like you would a tennis racket....

Nintendo finally reveals new controller!

After months of building anticipation, Nintendo finally revealed the controller that will appear with their next system, Nintendo Revolution. And, as hyped, the controller really is a huge step in a new direction. (Click here if you want to jump to a big picture of it) One major difference is...