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I've been a fan of Google News for some time automatically aggregates stories from thousands of news sources and then determines which stories are the most breaking, what topic they fall under, etc. It was also nice how each story would list multiple sources, so you could read articles with... revamps interface, search results pushed out a major update last night. The update overhauls their interface and dramatically changes the way search results are presented. The main page has become extremely clean in comparison to how it used to look, and it now also supports the use of some pre-defined skins. Supposedly the ability... is going to add a social twist to search

This is an interesting piece of news. Apparently is going to change the algorithm behind their search engine, relying on user input in addition to their own ranking system. It looks like they've already been collecting some of the data they need to make this switch. The new algorithm is called...

AskCity just got cooler

I already liked the fact that AskCity has the features of the current map services like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and the others, but also added the ability to draw on the map. You could draw a circle around a building and write text on the map, and then send people a link to the map with all the stuff...

Is the new a real Google threat?

I saw a story over at Search Engine Watch Blog about's rebranding campaign now that they've dropped Jeeves. It mentioned that in the next round of advertising, Ask is going to emphasize their understanding of "concepts" which other search engines can't. For instance, searching for "pimped out...