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This week in The Office - Season 4, Episode 1

Fun Run (S4E1) This week's episode was pretty hilarious. The only problem was it felt a little long, and has me eager for it to go back to the half hour format. But there's still 3 more episodes in the one hour format to go first. I had forgotten how much I miss the hilarity of this show though....

The Office Remixed

I've known about and enjoyed the YouTube mashup of clips from NBC's The Office with the song SexyBack. The person that made the mashup obviously spent a lot of time finding clips that fit the lyrics and also the major changes in the song and made it look really synchronized. Then today I saw a link for...

The Office 1-hour finale tonight!

It seems like it's been a really long season, though there's been a couple of extended breaks in it. The Office season finale is tonight and it's an hour-long (at 8/7c). Apparently Michael, Jim, and Karen are going to go head-to-head in interviewing for the corporate position, but there will be stuff...

The Office's newpeats

There aren't any new episodes of The Office until April, so we'll be seeing some reruns. But they're only kind of reruns...apparently NBC is changing up the episodes by recutting them to include some deleted scenes. Next week the network is going to show two repeats of The Office. But instead of just...

The Office is back on

I completely forgot about The Office starting back up for its second season. It's on Tuesdays at 8:30(CST) on NBC. It started to pick up some momentum towards the end of last season, so I have high hopes for this season to really take off. It's a good cast, but the first season started out slow and a...