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Van Quattro 2

Six years ago, Dave Fymbo and I made a movie, which we starred in and shot ourselves. It's about time we released a sequel! So without further ado, here's Van Quattro 2! You can find the trailer for Van Quattro 2 here: And the original Van Quattro...

The Chiefs take on NBC comedy

I guess the Kansas City Chiefs are pretty confident in the burger bet this year, because they're busy making parodies of The Office and 30 Rock. However, they're both not bad, especially the 30 Rock one for the look/sound-alikes. The Office: 30 Rock:

Hulk parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This was pretty funny because you could tell Ed Norton was having a great time with it, really bleeping up a storm and talking about his movies and joking about how the previous Hulk sucked: (Contains a bunch of bleeps)

Bill O'Reilly Dance Remix

Warning: Both these videos contain a bunch of profanity and are likely not work safe. If you haven't heard or seen it, there's a video of Bill O'Reilly up on YouTube from way back in the day when he is on Inside Edition and basically flips out because they can't record a segment right and the teleprompter...

Tron, sweded

You may recall the Jack Black and Mos Def movie that came out recently, Be Kind Rewind, which they used to encourage people to make their own sweded (their own low-quality remake) versions of their favorite movies. I just came across an awesome sweded version of the Tron lightcycles done using cardboard: Tronby...

Hopefully this is last of them...

This is the third "I'm F*cking ______" video, and let's hope it's the last. There's only a couple of funny things in this one, with the best joke at 1:58. I say hopefully it's the last because each one of these has less shock value than the last, and it'd get annoying to see 100 of these (Wait, am I...

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Sarah Silverman video

It's been a little over three weeks since Sarah Silverman showed the "I'm fucking Matt Damon" video on Jimmy Kimmel's show. Now, Jimmy's getting back with, what else?, "I'm fucking Ben Affleck". It's pretty funny, though not nearly as catchy:

A YouTube comedy series with actors you know

There's a hilarious series on YouTube (two series, in fact) under My Damn Channel. The celebrity one is done by David Wain. Who's David Wain? He's: ...the co-creator of comedy groups The State and Stella and directed the films Wet Hot American Summer and The Ten. The latter, recently released on DVD...

Conan vs. Colbert vs. Stewart

Looks like Colbert and Conan have been fighting back and forth over who created the success of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and then Jon Stewart got pulled into the fight and claimed that "Colbert made Huckabee. Conan made Colbert. Jon Stewart made Conan...Jon Stewart made Huckabee!" The...

F'n Friday

I just came across a hilarious video which led me to another video and suddenly it's an F-bomb themed post. Obviously, these are quite NSFW so view at your own risk! First off, this apparently aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. I've grown pretty tired of Sarah Silverman's small number of jokes...

John Gibson sucks balls

It's bad enough he works at Faux News, but John Gibson is a complete douchebag, and I can prove it to you in just 2 videos. First, he made fun of Jon Stewart's 9/11 monologue from The Daily Show (starts 1:45 in): Now, he made fun of the death of Heath Ledger on the same day: Here's...

Guitar Hero + way too much free time = this

Truly ridiculous. And yet oddly impressive. (And before someone mentions it, yes it's Guitar Hero 2 and the clips been around for quite a while. But that doesn't make the title any less valid or this video any less hilarious.)

Larry King gets Seinfeld all riled up

Somehow Larry King didn't get the memo on how Seinfeld ended, and the topic came up when Jerry appeared recently to promote Bee Movie. And Jerry's not happy about it, though towards the end of the clip he's pseudo-laughing it off. But you can tell he's trying really hard to not reach across the desk...

Human Jumbotrons - Incredible or fake?

These seem way too good to be real, though some of the parts make it pretty convincing that what's going on is real...basically it's hundreds (or thousands) of people forming images using colors that they're either wearing or on cards that they flip. NCAA football card stunts have got nothing on these: The...

How did this make it on television?

With the amount of blatant network bashing and the level of detail this contains, it's amazing that it ever got on the air (from what I've seen NBC pulled it after it was on the air once). It's SNL's TV Funhouse talking about the mainstream media. In case it disappears, there's several more...

Simpsons theme - Two guitars, one guy

And I thought playing one guitar was hard enough. This guy's just showing off. Playing the Simpsons theme on two guitars...incredible.

Hilarious stop motion video from YouTube

This is great...two guys did an incredible amount of stop motion video and the result is awesome, with plenty of funny moments:

Hilarious Hitman walkthrough

There's a great video up on YouTube, an "Angry Video Game Fag Walkthrough." It's pretty profanity-filled, and it's pretty hilarious, especially at the end. This one is going through a level of Hitman. It's probably much more amusing if you've actually played the level they're talking about.

Song mixed from instructional videos

This is too cool, and it really makes me wonder how long it took to put together. Someone took 3 instructional videos and combined them to create a song. The result is quite impressive:

Daft Punk fan video on YouTube

This is too awesome. Not only is "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" an awesome song (recently sampled on the new Kanye single), but this fan video takes it to the next level. It starts out looking somewhat stupid, but I assure you it gets good quickly. The funniest part is when the voice in the song...