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30 Rock's MILF Island

TV Sqauad has a great story about how 30 Rock is bringing back the MILF island joke that was brought up in a previous episode (which also reminds me of Gob's Fuck Mountain). But apparently TV Squad's story source, The Washington Post, doesn't allow their writers to write MILF, so here's what their scoop...

30 Rock has hilarious bonus web content

I'm a big fan of 30 Rock because it was an unexpected comedy hit. I don't remember hearing a lot of hype for it, and it seemed to take a few episodes before people really started noticing it. But now they're in their second season and the show's still great. NBC put up a bunch of bonus content online...

30 Rock Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of Thursday's half hour hour long 30 Rock premiere (put on YouTube by NBC). I'll preface it with TVSquad's funny letter to Tina (which I agree with, minus the Ugly Betty part): First the apology, then the early look. Dear Tina, I've always liked 30 Rock, but I've never loved...

30 Rock gets another season

In some awesome news, 30 Rock has been renewed for another season. This show started out a little slow, but has quickly become one of my favorite comedy shows on TV. And apparently NBC realizes it's good: "From the beginning, '30 Rock' has proven to be the kind of quality comedy that doesn't come...

Tina Fey slams Studio 60!

This is hilarious: Now, NBC needs to do the right thing and renew 30 Rock. Speaking of which, did you hear about Tina Fey's clever dis of Aaron Sorkin and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip , NBC's other show about a sketch comedy program? She said the following at the Writer's Guild Awards over the weekend: "I...