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Enjoy driving while you still can, human!

You may have noticed I'm pretty interested (and somewhat disturbed) by the fact that the DARPA challenge has been getting more challenging and advanced every year. Basically it's a challenge where teams have cars perform tasks like navigating a trail using GPS and cameras to navigate an obstacle course...

When Cars Become Autonomous

Just a few days ago, Stanford joined the DARPA Challenge for this year. The DARPA Challenge is a contest to see if a vehicle can navigate a course without human control. In the past the contest has taken place in the Nevada desert, where in 2004 no cars successfully completed the course. The course required...

Computer orders around fast-food employees

So we haven't exactly discovered A.I. yet, but a computer is already ordering people around. A company called Hyperactive Technologies has a product that is used for kitchen production management, and now a fast-food chain is using it to order around its employees. Zaxby's [a fast-food chain] has...

Vehicles driving themselves in the desert

CNN is reporting on DARPA's (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge. Participants ranging from souped-up SUVs to military behemoths will be graded on how well they can self-drive on rough road, make sharp turns and avoid obstacles -- hay bales, trash cans, wrecked cars -- while...