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Tremendous Upside w/ Dave & Niraj

After taking a year off, we're back with Season 2 of Tremendous Upside! This week Dave and I recap 2010 and talk about Super Bowl Commercials, Office Food, Sandwiches, Twitter, check the mailbag, and more!

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The Tremendous Upside with Dave and Niraj podcast is recorded via Skype.

Inspired by the Subway footlong wager between Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal, Mark and I agreed to a War Across The Shore. The winner of our fantasy playoff matchup would get to smack the loser in the face with a Chipotle burrito. Plus, the winner earns an extra smack for each 5 points of victory margin. Well, thanks to 46.5 points by Brandon Marshall and 38.5 by Chris Johnson, Mark won the right to smack me 13 times with his 202.5 point total. Enjoy the video evidence.
Burrito Contents:
double-wrapped tortilla
cilantro-lime rice
pinto beans
barbacoa beef
mild salsa
and EXTRA sour cream

Don't look any further if you're trying to avoid Inception spoilers. Someone on deviantart put together this awesome graphic showing exactly what was going on during the multiple layers in the movie for those that were confused. See the image after the jump.


Six years ago, Dave Fymbo and I made a movie, which we starred in and shot ourselves. It's about time we released a sequel! So without further ado, here's Van Quattro 2!

You can find the trailer for Van Quattro 2 here:

And the original Van Quattro is here:

And finally, you can find more information on the blog at

Since NBC no longer has an interest in Conan, TBS has bought Emmy ads for his Tonight Show run. The networks usually take out ads to get their shows nominated, and with NBC's severed ties with Conan, it's not surprising that they wouldn't buy ads for his show.

But, as the Variety article muses, it would be funny if Conan's show wins an Emmy while Jay Leno does not (NBC has bought ads for Leno).

Conan's departure deal with NBC prevented him from appearing on TV until May 1st. So 60 Minutes did an interview with him that they will air tomorrow, May 2nd, at 6pm Central on CBS. They've been leaking excerpts of the interview where Conan is getting to comment more directly on the situation around his departure, something he hasn't gotten to do much of. It's also rumored he will be talking about his deal with TBS, where he'll have a new show starting in November.

This article's title combined with the visual literally made me laugh out loud.

Click to expand

This is very cool...the new version of Bing Maps has added Worldwide Telescope. This was previewed in this very cool TED talk where one of the things they showed was dragging around in Bing Maps streetview. When they dragged to see more of the sky, the image darkened and stars and outlines of constellations became visible as in the picture below.

Now you can try it for yourself in the new version of Bing Maps. Towards the bottom of the page there's a button called "Map Apps" and clicking on it shows you a list of apps you can enable. If you turn on Worldwide Telescope, then go to streetview somewhere (it's somewhat limited on where you can do this), you can then drag the sky into view and the image will dim and reveal what constellations you can see at the present time. I can't wait to try it at night and see how well it works.

Yesterday, Microsoft demoed a telephone conversation where one person spoke in English and the other in German, and the computer translated to the opposite language so they could have a conversation. This is very cool, and accurate enough to have simple conversations. From the YouTube description:

What if your computer could transcribe and translate, in near real-time, a phone conversation you're having with someone speaking a language you don't understand? That's the promise of one prototype demonstrated by Microsoft researchers today during a preview of the company's annual TechFest event.

Earlier today I was reading an article on TVSquad called "Six Reasons Why '24' Has Jumped the You-Know-What" and I was thinking about how we just listed most of those points last week.

Well, for this week's episode they decided to out-do themselves. As if those previous points weren't enough, there were a bunch of unbelievable lapses in logic. Starting with the most obvious, Renee stabbed Jack in the gut. Stabbed. Quickly. Forcefully. As expected, Jack fell over. But seconds later, he is able to prop himself up and fling the knife, the one that was lodged in his stomach, into a guy's neck across the room. And then a couple of minutes after that, he puts a gauze pad on it, after which he is running around like nothing happened for the rest of the episode. Bullshit.

Next up, air surveillance. Ok, so they didn't see vehicles leave the building with Jack. Wouldn't it be obvious that they could not have gotten very far? They were on foot in a tunnel, so they couldn't have even gone half a mile to get in that SUV, which is still in the middle of a GIANT, DARK, EMPTY AREA with its bright headlights. Can't CTU's "aerial coverage", I don't know, ZOOM THE FUCK OUT to spot nearby vehicles? It's not rush hour in the middle of downtown.

Renee didn't get found in the closet. BS. Super lame.

Jack "knew" the guys that came in wouldn't shoot him. How did he know anything about them, aside from the fact they came to check on Vlad? They could easily have shot him before realizing he may have information.

Jack just runs out assuming CTU has arrived, without a gun or weapon. Since when did Jack become as stupid as the other CTU agents? The real Jack Bauer would never trust any situation. He'd sure as hell have a gun at all times.

And finally, the usual
Dana and the warehouse robbery. Don't care.
Hassan, his daughter and his assistant/lackey. Don't care.
White House and peace process. Don't care.

Which all leads me to my conclusion:
I'm going to stop watching this season of 24. Maybe I'll go back and watch the first 5 seasons, and simply pretend that the other seasons don't exist.