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Rant on...Parking LotsRants
This rant is the 2nd installment of the Rant On... series, which will be featured regularly - by which I mean whenever I feel like ranting. Post any suggestions for future rants in the comments.
This rant is inspired by a violation I received yesterday while parked in the company parking lot. Apparently, they don't like when you're parked opposite to the flow of traffic in the one-way aisles with diagonal spaces. Even though it was because I was the first one to park in the further lot and it was empty, and I just pulled ahead to the next space since I was the first car in the row and therefore had an easy exit later. I didn't get in anybody's way or obstruct the aisle.

Here's some images from the fantastic Y can't park - a Flickr site whose purpose is to document the worst parking offenders in the Yahoo employee parking lot.

There's something about a parking lot that seems to render 20-30% of people completely inept. For these people, lines on the ground are nothing more than suggestions (maybe they appear squiggly to them?), compact spaces apply to anything smaller than a 747 - including Hummers and Escalades, and parking so that your neighbors have about an inch of space to squeeze into their cars is perfectly acceptable.

The Y Can't Park page does a good job of documenting most of these instances. Cars parked on curbs, striped lines, and fire lanes appear frequently. However these are not as bad as those who park on speed bumps and arrows directing traffic in the middle of the lane. While many of these pictures seem extreme, and may have been taken over a long period of time, I have seen too many of them too often to believe this is exclusive to the Yahoo parking lot. How do you get out of your parking spot when the adjacent car's side view mirror is directly behind yours?

To those that can't park, do us all a favor and get a scooter and park it in the bushes. As for me, I hope I continue to get penalized for increasing my own convenience while not decreasing anyone else's.

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