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Funniest review everHilarious
dave writes: "The following is a review on for a digital camera:

'I bought this thing here and I regret it. I could not find a place to put the film in and then I discovered it was dijitile. Next I found you have to have a computer or take out a little card that passes for film in it to get the photogs developed. I am a profefessional educationalist at the world-famous elite institute in tokyo called Berlitz. I wanted to take pics of my students, but couldn't. If one of my intellet is fooled by this, then the average Joe and Jane six-pack will have little chance.'"

Turns out it gets even funnier. Check out his profile, and even better, his other reviews, most notably the one about the book titled Tickle His Pickle... I think in just about every review he mentions he is a "professional educationalist"

I find his touting his knowledge of English grammar amusing, given this sentence: "In my free time I play video games, enjoy whine tasting, and read good books which are often fiction but aas a professional educationalist, I occasionally delve into non-fiction such as history, social services, economitrecs, astrology and such so as to provide correct and accurate information to my students." Run-on sentence? Anyone? At least he didn't claim to excel at spelling.

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