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Cheney shoots fellow hunter - dave finds a great blogHilarious
dave submitted a story that's in the news, but this is a double story, as the one in the news isn't all that exciting. Basically, while hunting, Vice President Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter who was frollicking around without observing the rule indicating you announce and identify yourself to other hunters rather than sneaking up on them, so you don't get shot in the face (the guy is ok). dave found Bino's Blogaroni, which had an article filled with puns about the incident - such as Cheney's "Bird Flew" problem.

From Dan Quayle to Damn Quail!

We here at The Blogaroni believe that regardless of your political leanings, it should be evident that it is extremely dangerous to stand behind Vice President Dick Cheney.

Certainly when it comes to quail hunting.

Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner this weekend, despite an orange vest that clearly identified the V.P.ís bird-hunting buddy as someone on the no-fly list. The shotgun mishap provided the White House with the kind of spin challenge it hasnít had since President George W. Bush appeared with a fresh bruise on his face four years ago ó an injury attributed to a bizarre TV-watching accident involving a pretzel.

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  • kudos are tasty
    Posted by: dave on Feb 13th, 2006 | 12:59pm

    when i first read the blog i assumed that his first name must be bino, but its frank. cerebino.

    again, kudos to the submitter for finding the best news on the net.

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