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Comment system overhaul!Meta
There's a new comment system in place here. I now allow for anonymous commenting. But of course, there's perks to being a member...on the story/comment page, anonymous comments appear only after all member comments, and anonymous comments appear in a flat list - no comment hierarchy.

Why the change? I figured some of the site's visitors might have something interesting to say but not feel like registering to say it. And if you have registered, commenting is easier than ever before. You just go to the story-specific page and you can leave the comment right there. No more separate page to go to.

As with any overhaul, there's likely to be some minor bugs to get worked out in the first few days. Hopefully it'll be a smooth transition.

One more note: I reserve to edit/delete any comment as I see fit. Spam comments will be deleted, and comments may be edited for content. Anonymous ones even moreso. If you're not including any objectionable content (by me), you don't have to worry.

Last, feedback is always appreciated.

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  • [Untitled]
    Posted by: dave on Feb 20th, 2006 | 07:39pm

    Just checking it out.

    • Google Searches
      Posted by: dave on Feb 21st, 2006 | 02:03pm

      Granted as of right now it's only 44 in the last 24 hours that strangers have come to this site via google. But by my rough estimate there are about 25 people that wanted to find something online, and this site provided the answer. That's something.

    • [Untitled]
      Posted by: dave on Feb 21st, 2006 | 04:11pm

      Also I applaud the use of a tagline, just to clarify the mission of the page. Although I'm not a big fan of the word random - it's overused in blogs and i'm not sure if the stories posted are exactly random. I don't have anything better. My mac says "haphazard" or "arbitrary".

      Also I am posting it here because there are no places to make public comments about the site in general.

      • [Untitled]
        Posted by: niraj on Feb 21st, 2006 | 04:14pm

        Yeah, I really spent quite a while trying to think of a better word because I didn't like random either. I also came up empty for the time being.

        I think I'll create a story about website comments and make it a permanent link in the left pane.

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