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Turn in a gun, get a ticket to a 76ers' gameBananas!
dave submitted a link to a Washington Post story about a program where you can get a ticket to a Philadelphia 76ers' game for turning in a gun.
The one-week program opens today. Anyone can bring a working gun into a city police station and exchange it for a voucher good for a pair of tickets to an upcoming 76ers game, no questions asked.

"If we get one [gun], it's a successful program," said Billy King , the team's president. "If we get one, if we get a thousand, whatever we get that's going to be good enough."

The city's murder rate spiked last year and is on a similar pace in 2006. There were 380 homicides in the city in 2005 -- the highest total in five years. There were 44 homicides in the city from Jan. 1 through Monday, just slightly off last year's pace.

The program is similar to one the 76ers ran in 1999. "Guns for Gear" brought in close to 900 guns in just three days.
dave asks, "Here are my questions: 1. Will they be forensically tested and used in criminal cases? Does no questions asked mean that someone could drop off a murder weapon with no repercussions? If not, this could be a fantastic sting. 2. How long before someone shows up at the Arena with a gun demanding free tickets?"

I'm guessing a murderer isn't going to walk up to a bunch of cops, regardless of any potential forensics.

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  • [Untitled]
    Posted by: dave on Feb 22nd, 2006 | 01:16pm

    Sure the murderer gives the gun to his naive little brother, gets his prints all over it, and they connect to a 4 am shooting in chinatown, and who do you think comes to bail the little kid out of juvie? No, not the murdered, he's busy watching AI light up the Jazz for fitty down at the Wachovia Center. It's bullshit.

    • typo or idiot?
      Posted by: junosand on Feb 22nd, 2006 | 01:38pm

      Dave, I think you meant to say murderer, not murdered. Dead people don't watch games from the Wachovia Center. Murderers, however, probably do.

      And I read that article prior to catching it here, so I know you stole the joke about people showing up to the arena with a gun asking for free tickets. Stealing jokes is something that I would do. You, on the other hand, should be ashamed of yourself.

      And I'm not previewing this.

  • A stupid argument to prove I'm an idiot who doesn't make typos
    Posted by: dave on Feb 22nd, 2006 | 02:35pm

    I totally meant to say that the murdered is watching the 76ers game.

    Anybody who's anybody reads the daily quickie. I was just replicating the comment for the losers who missed it.

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