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Mission: Impossible 3 surprised meMovies
I loved the original Mission: Impossible movie. It was cool in the way that it had such an intricate plot with deception and betrayal. It quickly became one of my favorites. Watching the trailer for the sequel, it was immediately apparent that there was a change. Everything looked more "Hollywood." Bigger explosions, elaborate camera shots, etc. The plot of the second movie was allright, but not great.

When I first heard about the third movie, I was fairly certain that the third would be just like the second, if not even more over the top and even less about the plot. Then I saw the trailer, and it was confusing. On the one hand you had the anticipated "over-the-top-Hollywood" shots like a missle causing Tom Cruise to slam into a car (which of course he just shakes off). But on the other hand, you had Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the villain. Intriguing. I expected it would be mildly entertaining. Turned out it was better than that. (***Mild spoilers ahead!***) The process of creating (and wearing) the mask was awesome, the plot was interesting, and the action was intense. Certainly it was more ludicrous in many ways, but it was better than the second movie. I'd recommend it.

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