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The YouTube Super Bowl Commercial Wrap UpInternet
Yep, you read correctly. YouTube is going to do a Superbowl Commercial Wrap Up, meaning they are going to have all of the Super Bowl commercials on their website and allow people to rate them.
We are hosting every single commercial appearing in the Super Bowl on YouTube. You can watch them, share them, and coolest of all, you can rate them. So everyone can help choose the best spots, and they'll be available on YouTube right after the game. We’ll be linking to the Super Bowl Wrap Up from the front page of Google. Marketers are going to get a huge audience spending more time with their shiny new creative, and the viewers can watch as often as they'd like.
I wonder if YouTube (and consequently, Google) is going to get a cut of the cost of the ad since they're really letting people view an advertisement again. There's currently an image on YouTube's designated Super Bowl page:

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