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On the radio this morning, I heard a trailer for some new horror movie saying the movie was "A new experience in terror." It got me seems like every horror movie that comes out claims to be the scariest movie ever made. But that obviously isn't the case.

Saying it's a new experience in terror doesn't mean anything, though. Any horror movie I see is going to be a new experience unless they exactly copied some other movie. I think in general you don't have that many repeated experiences, especially in terms of movies. So basically it's like telling me "a movie is coming out!" Wow, you've got me hooked.

And it's always amused me in both TV and radio ads about how little you can really do to frighten someone or convey how scary the movie really is. On TV you've got limitations on what you can show...nothing explicitly gory obviously, which in the case of horror movies is pretty limiting. On the radio it's even funnier because the best you can do is use sudden loud noises, creaky doors/floors, and lots of screaming/whispering. So every trailer ends up sounding the same.

So there's my horror movie trailer half-rant (I guess the other half is amusement).

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