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Pam from The Office discusses Blades of GloryTV - 24
There's a great interview over on with Jenna Fischer about the upcoming movie Blades of Glory. I'll post some of the highlights here:
Chud: What was your favorite thing about working on Blades of Glory?
Jenna: Working on the film was great. Those guys are really funny. I'm a huge Arrested Development fan, so I had to work really hard not to freak out on Will Arnett for as long as possible and then I broke down and told him how my favorite episode was 'Afternoon Delight' from season two when he's wearing the expensive suit and keeps telling people how much it cost. I did that to him around week two.

Chud: First big movie out of the gate since The Office, why did you decide this was going to be the one for you?
Jenna: It goes like this; your agent call you up and says "there's this movie with Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler and Jon Heder, would you like to be in that film? Do you want to read the script?" And I said "Don't need to read that script, already know I want to be in that movie". When I was offered the part in this movie, The Office wasn't really The Office yet so I felt lucky to be included in this cast.

Chud: Are you being offered comedies for the most part?
Jenna: Yeah, but some dramatic roles or some movies that are more like a dramedy. Not everything is a high concept comedy.

Chud: Are there other genres you'd like to play around in?
Jenna: Not so much. I'm sensitive to the fact that I bring the energy of what I'm doing home with me and I'd much rather have that comedic energy in my life. I think doing dramas would really weigh on me; that would be a big choice for me, doing drama, that would be inviting a kind of darkness. That would be hard.

Chud: Was it nerve-racking to take your clothes off for this movie?
Jenna: No. On screen its two minutes but on set it was twelve hours and twelve hours of constant boob play, I mean it was great for the first three, four or five hours but then, I mean seriously, give a girl a break. But Will was a nice guy about it.

Chud: So Will was nice when it came to touching your breasts?
Jenna: Definitely. If you have an opportunity for Will to play with your boobs, he's a master.

Chud: The scene with Jon (Heder) where you first kiss. How many takes was that?
Jenna: That was five hours and my memory of that is that he tasted like snow cones. All it said in the script was 'They Kiss' and we thought these are two people who had never kissed anyone in their lives and they're pretty late into their lives to be experiencing their first kiss so what does that look like? So Jon keeps his mouth closed and I open my mouth and french the outside of his face really graphic and passionate. So that's what we did. That was our take on the best worst kiss.

In one scene, at the end of the movie, the director kept coming to us take after take telling us this is the final kiss of the movie, really go for it. And we're like, 'OK!" And we really went for it and he came back over and said 'Really go for it, really, passionately go for it' and we really go for it again. Finally the director comes up and says 'What I'm trying to say is you guys need to use some tongue. You keep opening your mouths and stage kissing'. We were so innocent; Jon and I had never really done that before, had a passionate on-stage kiss so we were completely stage kissing; open mouths but tongues pushes back so as not to offend the other person. I'm sure that footage is interesting.

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