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There's only one Peyton ManningBananas!
Or at least there isn't going to be one more. Remember the guy who lost the SuperBowl bet with his friends and had to change his name to Peyton Manning after the Bears lost? Well, he no longer has to.
DECATUR Scott Wiese's rush to become Peyton Manning was sacked by a judge Monday: She ruled he cannot change his name to that of the star quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Wiese said that Macon County Circuit Judge Katherine McCarthy told him the name change was too confusing and risked infringing the privacy of the football player.

"I had told the judge that I was not doing this because I wanted to change my name, but I was doing it because I was honoring a bet," Wiese said. "I think she understood that." His lawyer and friend, Andy Bourey, thought going in that Wiese had a 50-50 chance of getting away with the name change. "The judge had to do a kind of balancing test, to see if the reason he was changing his name was outweighed by the consequences of what he was changing his name to," said Bourey, 30. "She was really good-hearted about it all, and I think she had a little bit of mercy for him because I am sure she knew this wasn't something he was excited about doing."

Two people overjoyed at Monday's court outcome were Wiese's parents, Debbie and Steve. They had filed an official objection to the name change with the court. "Wiese is our family name, and we're proud of it," said Debbie, 54. "And we just thought that if he was going to change his name, it should be for a better reason than that. I also didn't want to go through the rest of my life calling my son 'Peyton Manning.'"
Who says you'd have to call your son that even if the name change was successful?? I didn't know there was a law requiring you to call people by their legal names. Apparently nicknames are illegal. Not to mention her son had already mentioned that the name change wouldn't be a permanent thing anyways:
While he pledged to take on the new identity, Wiese isn't sure how long he's willing to keep it. Say, maybe, until the Bears' next Super Bowl appearance? Not likely, given that their last trip to the big game was in 1985. "I mean, well, it may be another 21 years."

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