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Grindhouse is really only half a double movieMovies
So take that! You thought you were going to see two movies for the price of one, but you're really only going to get one for the price of one! How's that? Well, it looks like Tarantino and Rodriguez actually made each of their portion a longer movie (presumably a full-length feature) and then they both cut them down to make the overall Grindhouse a 3-hour movie.
"Especially if they were dealing with non-English language countries, they don't really have this tradition," said Tarantino. "Not only do they not really know what a grind house is, they don't even have the double feature tradition. So you are kind of trying to teach us something else. That was one. And two was [foreign distributors saying], 'Screw this double-feature stuff, we want a Robert movie and we want a Quentin movie.'"

"We actually have no worries about that because we cut our movies to the bone in order so they would work for 'Grindhouse.' So the real reality is Robert did 'Planet Terror' and I did 'Death Proof' and then we did 'Grindhouse' and those are three different movies. Part of the reason we were kind of able to just go for it and try to cut it to almost short of incomprehensibility was because we always knew that the full versions of the movies would go out, and eventually be on DVD out here and half the world would see that version of it. I am actually excited about both."
Apparently Grindhouse had a weak opening weekend, but what else would you expect when the movie comes out Easter weekend? I think this weekend will be the true test, and I plan to add my headcount to the box office total.

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