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500 posts and countingMeta
It's funny, I didn't even notice when I posted the 500th story on this blog. And now that there's that many, it's fun to go through the list of topics and see some of the stories I don't even remember posting.

I'm pretty pleased with how easy it to find a story between the topics and the search options, but decided to add one more. Now there's a handy little box on the left pane that lets you jump to some of the different series of posts like 24, Entourage, and the "Rant On" stories. It basically links to the search page for those specific stories, but it also sorts them by date with the newest stories on top. So now you can quickly get to any recap of a 24 episode or read through all the Rant On stories without going to the Rants topic and seeing other non-series rants mixed into your results.

Let me know if you feel like there's any other feature that would make finding a story easier, or if you have any suggestions in general!

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