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Caught by an illegal road signHilarious
This would suck if it happened to me, but it didn't so it's hilarious. Over 50 people got stopped for disobeying a traffic sign. Except the thing is the "No Left Turn" sign wasn't put there by police, and it disappeared later. Now one of the guys that got ticketed is taking it to court.
Rosen has 115 reasons to be upset. He was one of a dozen people to get a ticket. More than 50others were also stopped. "What I would like to find out is, who put the sign up and who took it down?" Rosen said.

No one knows. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said it's not responsible and the Orange County Traffic Division said it wasn't them. "That sign was installed at an exit to a shopping center. That means it was a private sign," said Ruby Rozier, Orange County Traffic Division. The company that owns the property was bombarded with complaints and put out a letter saying, "We did not give anyone approval to install a 'no left turn' sign."

That lack of responsibility has Rosen saying all the tickets should be thrown out. "If we could figure out who put the sign up and there was a valid reason for the sign to be there, absolutely pay the fine and be done with it," he said.

More infuriating, car after car can now go left with no penalty. "We are just not in a position to do any enforcement activity on it now," said Capt. Mark Strobridge, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Hmmm...this seems really stupid. What does it matter who put the sign there? It's not like they knew at the time they ignored it. Just because they found out later doesn't mean they didn't obey a traffic sign. And this line: "More infuriating, car after car can now go left with no penalty" is laughable. I'm sure this is the only time a traffic sign has been taken down anywhere ever. How the hell does that have any relevance? If you run a stop sign and they take it down the next week you should get your ticket revoked? Nice try.

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