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Annoyed into donatingHilarious
According to CBS News, a high school in Pennsylvania is running a "Stop the Bop" campaign, where they won't stop playing the Hanson song "MmmBop" until they have raised $3000 for the hurricane victims. The song plays during passing periods and lunch. The school has about 650 students, and they've raised $2300 so far. "Student Council President Meredith Cox and Vice President Maria Landi, both of whom are seniors, came up with the idea."

In other news, the school's suicide rate is up 1000%. Seriously, how somebody didn't get aggravated enough to pony up the cash after about 5 minutes is beyond me.
"Kids have said, 'If I give you a blank check, will you stop this music?' " Cox says. "People are just, like, some people give twenties. You say, 'Thank you very much.' They say, 'No, we just want it to end. Even though it's for a good cause, we just want it to end.' It's rather funny."
Yeah, hilarious. Think of the children!

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