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Hitman Teaser TrailerMovies
dave submitted a link to IGN's video section where there is a teaser trailer up for the Hitman movie coming out October 12th. I think the actor playing 47 should have a taller head, and more sinister face to match the game. Supposedly (according to IMDb), Vin Diesel was going to produce and star in this when the project first got shopped around. Also, as I'm pretty sure Dave mentioned to me previously, this seems like a hard movie to translate to the screen (as with many video game translations) since so much of the interest in the game comes from controlling all the action. Watching one of those plots unfold without actually taking part takes a lot of the thrill out of it. All that said, the trailer looks pretty cool.

In case you have trouble with the IGN video, someone has put up the video on YouTube, but it's basically the IGN version at a lower quality.

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  • [Untitled]
    Posted by: dave on Jun 27th, 2007 | 01:54pm

    In order for it to work, it has to capture the essence of the game--which is having a mission, having multiple options to kill the targets, finding the most silent, less evidence left behind route, including changing disguises and cool stuff like hiding a gun in a chicken or poisoning something and then posing as a waiter.

    this has huge potential, but i'm not convinced it will be awesome.

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