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Transformers is awesomeMovies
A CGI-laden popcorn flick with some campy acting, one heck of a nostalgia rush and plenty of action and humor. If you expected anything more, prepare to be disappointed. But considering that was pretty much what I was expecting (and it's not like the trailers were very misleading), I was left satisfied. This is a mass-appeal Hollywood blockbuster reminiscent of Independence Day. And the proof couldn't be more clear - on Rotten Tomatoes the critics gave it a 57% while users gave it an 84%.

Sure if you are going to complain and nitpick you've got plenty of material, including (spoilers) ridiculous eBay/internet jokes, the fact that the Autobots resemble a GM showroom, cheesy kid-parent interactions, cheesy kid-robot interactions, the government letting a kid keep a robot that could destroy everything, etc. But going through all that would be missing the point. It's not a movie I'd watch 100 times, but it was entertaining the first time.

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