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Rotating bannersMeta
For anyone that hasn't noticed already, there's now a rotating banner image at the top of this site. At my request for site improvements I could make, dave gave me a couple of ideas of new banners I can use. Before I could even think about it, he put together several of them and suggested I rotate through them. I liked all of the ones he gave me so that sounded like a great idea. It wasn't long before he had given me 13 logos and I implemented the rotation. I made an additional 6, and counting the original banner there's now 20 banners you can see here. | Something You Might Be Interested In

I plan to continue expanding the banners, and with 20 it's already gotten interesting. If you want to take a quick glance at the available banners without refreshing the page a million times, there's now a page which displays all of the banners in rotation.

And anyone else that wants to submit a banner for rotation can feel free to do so...I like the idea of a changing face at the top of the page.

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