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Don't call it Underdog, DisneyRants
Underdog was one of those shows that was great to watch as a kid. From what I recall, both this show and Rocky and Bullwinkle were on Cartoon Network (or Fox) in short, 15-minute or less episodes, though I'm having trouble finding any complete information in Wikipedia or elsewhere despite a pretty detailed entry there. At any rate, it was all about silly animation, but funny stories. Now Underdog's being made into a movie. But the movie has hardly anything to do with the show, despite them even showing a clip of the show's Underdog in the movie trailer! Check out why they should name the movie something else:

The Underdog of the TV show (left) the Underdog from the upcoming movie (right)

Things from the show that don't appear to be in the movie (many of these gathered from the Wikipedia entry on the show:
  • Underdog's alter ego is Shoeshine Boy, and that's his profession. He doesn't belong to a kid, and he's supposed to be a parody of Superman/Clark Kent.
  • TV Underdog had to take pills to give him his powers, and his powers would wear off over time. Often this would be used as a vulnerability...he'd be trapped and without his pills to get back his super powers. Eventually they edited out those scenes in syndication because of the obvious drug parallel that might have been ok when the show first aired in the mid 60's. But his powers didn't come from a "freak accident" like in the movie.
  • Underdog almost always spoke in rhyme, hence his usual line, "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!" And, "When Polly's in trouble, I am not slow...So it's hip! hip! hip! and away I go!"
  • Underdog wears pants. Because otherwise he's naked!
  • Underdog wears boots
  • Underdog has a very distinctive voice, and it's certainly not that of Earl from My Name is Earl.
  • Underdog is usually's pretty distinctive
  • The TV show was usually presented in parts, so you didn't get a complete story in one episode. Obviously you can't do that with a movie.
  • The cheap animation was another distinctive trait...the movie is almost the polar opposite.
Really the only thing this has in common with the TV show is the red shirt with the white "U" on it. And here's some YouTube proof:

The classic TV show

The Underdog movie trailer

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