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300 + Lord of the Rings + Star Wars + Harry Potter = The Last LegionMovies
This is borderline hilarious and really, despite the title, imagine taking just the movies 300 and Lord of the Rings, and mashing together their visuals and their audio. The result would be The Last Legion, a movie that's supposed to be the backstory to The Sword and the Stone. But I caught a couple of extra lines in the trailer that could be from Star Wars and Harry Potter too, which makes the whole thing even better.

Lines that sound like they're from 300: "If we stand against...many more will die" "Freedom's fate lies on one last legion. How many? Not as many as I'd thought."
Line that sounds like it's from Harry Potter: "A wizard will teach him."
Line that sounds like it's from LOTR: "the power to forge"
Line that sounds like it's from Star Wars: "And when the empire fell, the only hope..."

See the trailer for yourself:

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