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Bridge collapse fear mongeringRants
As you've probably heard, a bridge in Minneapolis collapsed during late-rush hour on Wednesday, causing numerous injuries and a few deaths. The story quickly circulated through the news, and now a couple of days have passed and they're trying to determine the cause.

But the media seems to have taken this story and run with it, starting to question what other bridges may be unsafe around the country. On the local news last night, the brief headline was about the bridge collapse and whether there was a danger of something similar happening in Chicago, with shots of several bridges downtown. It's not like 3 bridges collapsed in a week, so why are they trying to imply this is going to happen elsewhere? Sure, it doesn't hurt to be safe, but stop trying to instill fear for no reason. Bad things happen everyday...that doesn't mean you should start fearing it's all going to happen to you.

And yeah, the media has a history of fear mongering with their headlines, but this one seems more over the top than usual. For instance, CNN's got 12 links in just the top section of their homepage related to the bridge incident:

(Click to enlarge)
12 links point to bridge-related stories

The line that's the best example of the fear mongering is the last link: "Collapsing bridges, exploding streets -- is America's infrastructure crumbling?"

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