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Uh oh.Movies
This looks quite grim, especially after my post a couple of days ago was trying to be optimistic about it:

Rotten Tomatoes has The Brothers Solomon at 0% based on 16 critics' reviews on the day before release. Some of the comments:
"With The Brothers Solomon, Will Arnett continues to squander the goodwill he engendered as Gob on Arrested Development."

"Feels like a cheapo, soft-R retread of the dimwits' progress from Dumb and Dumber"

"Shows how far SNL has fallen in its attempt to create original comedy; other times, it makes the Farrelly Brothers seem tasteful."

"During the fallow opening minutes of The Brothers Solomon, I started keeping track of how much time would elapse before it made me laugh. Still waiting."

"Forte consistently aims low, even for his apparent target audience of ignorant goons."

"It isn't funny."
However the user rating is at a 75% based on 3 reviews. And one of those said that the two Wills were funny, but the movie plot was very similar to other movies like Night at the Roxbury. The other 3 reviews don't have any comments.

I suppose there should be many more reviews after the movie comes out tomorrow. But as of right now it's not looking very good. I guess I won't be trying to see this one in theaters after all. Bummer.

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