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Compare DVD prices before you buy, Part IIMeta
You may recall I created a DVD comparison search back at the end of 2005 primarily to compare prices of DVDs between and Deep Discount DVD. Considering I was getting all of the results via screenscraping because neither site provided an API, it's unsurprising the tool eventually broke (particularly because Deep Discount DVD switched domains as they shortened their name).

So I decided to update it, mostly because Amazon now has an API and I wanted to play with that. So now you can go to the DVD price comparison tool page, enter a DVD name (TV shows on DVD work too...include a number to find a particular season/volume). In the results you will get the top matches, and I compare the top match from that to the top match from Deep Discount.

The result is pretty's a search for the recently released Casino Royale. And the search from my original post about the tool still works: Airplane: The "Don't Call Me Shirley" edition.

As before, let me know if you want me to add another site to compare to. Best Buy's website is still a pain in the ass (and nearly always more expensive).

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