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HDTV TransitionTV
Hot on the heels of the digital TV transition that will stop all analog TV broadcasts on February 17, 2009, the next step has been announced. The HDTV transition will cause all standard definition TV broadcasts to cease on February 29, 2010. "This move will help accelerate the rate of HD adoption and result in higher quality content for consumers," says Paul David Hewson of the Standard to Hdtv-Infused-TV group. SHIT also advocates the creation of a government program similar to the one being run for the digital transition currently, in order to offer vouchers for people to purchase HDTVs and prepare for the transition.

Of course this transition would likely be followed by an eventual transition to BDTV. More information on the HDTV transition can be found on the SHIT website.

As a reminder, here's how standard def, HD, and BD compare:
Image Quality Comparison:

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