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My beef with Amazon's review systemRants
I really hate how Amazon likes to share product reviews across different versions of the same product. It causes major issues in areas like movies, digital cameras, and other products where you might have two similarly named items or items with different versions. Here's the email I just fired off to them in hopes of getting something more substantial than a canned response:
Please stop displaying the same reviews under different versions of the same product. I have encountered this issue numerous times, and it always leads to confusion and incorrect information. I'll give two examples in which this has been a major problem.

In looking up information about DVDs, a movie may have a widescreen DVD, a special edition package, and a collector's edition package. Amazon will usually show the same customer reviews across all three versions. So if someone complained about a missing commentary track on the widescreen version, looking from the special edition page you wouldn't realize they were complaining about the widescreen version, which may be different. Here's a concrete example of what I mean, with a review of the BluRay version of the 5-disc version of Blade Runner appearing under the 2-disc special edition non-BluRay version of the product:

And again for the Spectec line of wireless SDIO cards, it's impossible to tell what subtle differences there are between cards, because Spectec uses the same model number for two different that works in the Motorola Q9C and one that does not. However, the grouping of reviews has caused one person's review about the card working in the Q9C to appear under all of the cards.

While it may make sense in some cases to include the same reviews under multiple product listings, the majority of the time it seems to lead to incorrect information or confusion unless the review specifically states what version of a product it is talking about. This would also lead to product ratings being inaccurate, because a poor quality BluRay DVD could cause the rating of the standard DVD version to fall as well.
I can't be the only one that's been annoyed by this, and it really does lead to some really inaccurate information.

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