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Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan?TV
This would be an awful idea, but Variety is saying that NBC is about to confirm that Jimmy Fallon will be Conan O'Brien's replacement when Conan goes to take over Jay Leno's position next May. I can't possibly see how that could go well:

I submit my entry for Creepiest Photoshop of the Year.

It's not as if the report killed any major surprise. Fallon has been the only real candidate for the job since February 2007, when Broadcasting & Cable and the New York Times reported that the former "Saturday Night Live" star had quietly signed a holding deal envisioning just such a gig. Six months later, Peacock latenight chief Rick Ludwin confirmed that Fallon was in line for the job. "I think he'd be terrific, and he is at the top of our short list," Ludwin told B&C.

Then, just two months ago, the Times again reported that Fallon would replace O'Brien and said he would likely begin in February 2009. O'Brien is expected to take off six months or so in between his final "Late Night" and first "Tonight Show."

O'Brien, meanwhile, is still slated to replace Jay Leno has host of "The Tonight Show," despite some media speculation that NBC may be having cold feet. ABC and Fox have made it clear that Leno is welcome to hop to their networks if he wants, while the Times said Sony has offered to give Leno his own syndie berth.

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