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Watchmen movie lawsuit settled!Meta
This is great (and not entirely unexpected) news...Fox and Warner Bros. have settled their lawsuit over the upcoming Watchmen movie, and once the settlement is approved, everything should be set for the movie to hit its March 6th release date. Watchmen is based on a graphic novel which is one of the coolest and grittiest superhero stories, and having read it I'm extremely excited about the movies, particularly seeing how closely the visuals in the trailer perfectly mirror the look of the comic.

Fox originally owned the rights to making it into a movie, but they never did. Somehow, Warner Bros. thought they could make the movie without drawing a lawsuit from Fox because the movie had been pitched to several studios. Fox sued saying they still owned distribution rights, if not also production rights. It was unclear whether the movie would get delayed, purchased by Fox, or just completely axed. Fortunately, they've come to an agreement which has Warner handing over some chunk of cash right now, and then splitting some of the movie revenue with Fox.

See Watchmen trailers in HD on Apple's trailers site, or view the one I've embedded below:

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