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Looks like Sit Down, Shut Up is (not) cancelled [Update]TV
Just finally getting around to posting this though the 5 people still watching the show probably noticed it wasn't on this past weekend. I can't say I'm surprised it's likely getting cancelled. In fact, I'd be surprised if it weren't...the show had so much potential with the cast involved (particularly the Arrested Development gang) and yet it managed to be solidly unfunny. With a new show I'll always give it a few episodes to find its bearings, finish setting up characters, etc. before I judge it. But 4 episodes in, SDSU hadn't really gone anywhere, and there were only a few funny moments in each episode, despite there being a punchline every 10 seconds.

Variety is careful to mention that there is a possibility the last episode didn't air because of the content, and not because the show is cancelled. But they call out the terrible ratings it's getting, so it looks like the writing is on the wall.
Fox, meanwhile, opted to yank the remaining episode of "Sit Down, Shut Up" after the show posted a dismal 0.7 rating/3 share among adults 18-49.

But it's believed the show may have also been pulled this Sunday due to some content concerns -- particularly since "Sit Down" airs at 7 p.m. Fox will run a repeat "King of the Hill" in that slot.

Given "Sit Down's" perf, the animated half-hour is not expected to return.

The funny thing about all this is I was really excited when I heard about this show and also NBC's Parks and Recreation because of the people involved. Both shows started around the same time, and I gave both shows around 4 episodes before deciding they weren't funny, and they weren't trending towards funny either. Unfortunate.

Update: Per the anonymous comment posted below, SDSU still lives, probably at least long enough to finish out this season. It's coming back in June at 8:30. Thanks for the info!

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  • Mac
    Posted by: Anonymous on May 23rd, 2009 | 10:31am

    I am so livid at the moment! Not about Chuck or King of the Hill being cancelled. Chuck should never have been made and King of the Hill has been hanging on by a hair on Bill Dauterive's bald head for the last couple of years! Fox gives a flop like Greg The Bunny 13 episodes, yet they give Sit Down, Shut up 6 episodes. I am sorry, but in my opinion that is just not giving a fighting chance that, lately has been funnier than Chuck or King of The Hill has been in recent memory, and funnier than Greg The Bunny EVER was. This is a typical Fox move and what makes it worse is what they may be putting in it's place, The Cleveland Show!
    The Cleveland Show, for those that haven't watched Family Guy since the last time it was funny sometime in 2007, is a spin off of Family Guy. Whether they put this in it's place or find another crap stain to replace Sit Down, Shut up... it's a bad move and I wish I knew what I could do to save this show!

    • It's not canceled.
      Posted by: Anonymous on May 23rd, 2009 | 01:32pm

      The show is returning in June. According to Mitch Hurwitz.

    • Basically a big misunderstanding
      Posted by: Anonymous on May 23rd, 2009 | 01:40pm

      The show was moved to 7:00 because it wasn't preforming better than King of The Hill. It was moved to show the final episodes of 'King' during prime-time because of ratings sweeps. They figured correctly that the final few shows of king would outdraw SDSU, a new show still trying to get it's legs.
      As a consequence SDSU was moved to 7:00. Unfortunately, FOX received many complaints from upset parents that didn't think the shows subject matter was appropriate for 7:00. So it was yanked from that time slot as well. With no where to go currently, and a few late NASCAR races coming up... there won't be an open 8:30 Sunday timeslot until June.

      At that point, it looks like SDSU will run out the remainder of it's episodes at 8:30, where it will be replaced by "The Cleveland Show" in fall. There is no final word on SDSU yet. It's all assumption and speculation. The only thing I know for sure is that it is definitely NOT officially canceled yet.

      • [Untitled]
        Posted by: niraj on May 23rd, 2009 | 01:53pm

        Yeah, you'll notice I didn't say it's actually cancelled because Variety didn't either...some other sites that used the Variety article did say it's actually cancelled, but you're correct that it's not official.

        That said, the cancellations frequently don't get official announcements anyways. But given its ratings and the fact that they're not improving, the speculation isn't surprising. However, the comment above yours shows that it's coming back, at least long enough to finish this season.

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