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2009 Summer Movie RundownMovies
So far this year, there haven't been to many "must see in theaters" kind of movies. And for whatever reason, I missed some of the ones I did want to catch in theaters like Watchmen. But I saw The Hangover a couple of weeks ago (which is a great movie), and the trailers before it reminded me there's a lot of promising movies coming out in the next few months. So here's a list, much like 2007 movie rundown.

  Movie Title Release Date
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
All signs point to this one being just like the last...lots of CGI, lots of Megan Fox being hot, lots of non-acting, and lots of failure to have a compelling plot like the original Transformers from childhood. Basically, nothing more than mindless enterainment, which I'm fine with.

Public Enemies
Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, and bank heists? Sign me up!


Beyond that, we've only got Resident Evil (9/21), Saw IV (10/26), and National Treasure sequel (12/21) as the movies of note through the end of the year (so far). I can't even imagine how they're making a Saw IV. Is the writer still not through proving that he is one of the most sick and twisted minds out there today?

Hope you found something of interest, and remember, you can always make a countdown for anything you're eagerly anticipating!

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