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This Week in Entourage
Tremendous Upside w/ Dave & Niraj

This week in Entourage - Season 6, Episode 7TV - Entourage
No More Drama (S6E7)

This week's episode was Strike 2. Following right on the heels of last week's lackluster episode, this week wasn't any better. The only bright spot was Bob Saget...even though he's just being as dirty as possible it's still hilarious. Other than that, we got more nonsense with Drama with a dissatisfying conclusion (the manager is just messing with him with no intention of firing him), E trying to establish himself during a artificial-feeling rivalry, Vince and Turtle taking on a stupid quest reminiscent of the pointless sideplots that Turtle and Drama used to have each week, and no real presence from Ari.

This season started out strong, but these last couple of episodes have been pretty disappointing. I'm still hoping for a better plot since there's plenty of season left.

This was a review of Episode 73. See more reviews. And here's HBO's music credits for this episode (may not be up yet).

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  • [Untitled]
    Posted by: dave on Aug 25th, 2009 | 10:28am

    I liked this episode. I'm enjoying E's new job storyline, and that it's no longer about his stupid girlfriend. I actually didn't mind Drama and his plot. I wish Vince and Turtle's plot would have been more about the person that stole their underwear than about getting a gun, but I liked it.

    • [Untitled]
      Posted by: niraj on Aug 25th, 2009 | 10:52am

      I don't mind the fact that E's role is expanding. It's how they're doing it that's got me annoyed. The two major developments in his first day felt really fake, with the Bob Saget setup propping up his conflict with that other guy and also having to go talk to Murray, who apparently didn't care about Bob doing it in his office. In fact, both Murray and Drama's manager were messing with people just for the hell of it, but I didn't find the result entertaining because it was so over the top (Murray claiming he was appalled and the manager saying all the stuff about Jamie-Lynn...even E's rival was behaving over the top: "this deal is mine!"). Maybe it's just me though.

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