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24 Season 8 kicks off!TV - 24
I haven't forgotten about 24, nor have I stopped watching it. I just decided to abstain from reviewing the episodes every week as I have in the past, because some weeks are not as interesting or some plots are not that interesting, so it's not always fun or useful to review every single episode. I'm sure I will still live-blog the season finale.

So instead, I'm putting up a brief post and letting the discussion go on in the comments. This week's a doozy since, as usual, they kicked off the season with 4 episodes in 1 week! There's so much to talk about...the new director of CTU is an idiot, ignoring obvious leads and doing everything with a ridiculous hunch, Chloe is suspicious of the new girl who's being blackmailed into doing stuff, Jack's obviously back in action though he keeps trying to leave, Renee's return, people escape the perimeter (shock!), etc.

Note: This post's comments will contain spoilers, so stop reading now if you haven't seen these episodes yet!

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  • [Untitled]
    Posted by: dave on Jan 20th, 2010 | 02:33pm

    I've only watched 1 of the first four. Anxious to get through them though and see how it is/how you guys think it is.

    • [Untitled]
      Posted by: dave on Jan 21st, 2010 | 11:52am

      First off, the spoiler tag from Niraj's post above, isn't working on rollover for me. I had to highlight it to read it.

      So I watched episodes 2-4 last night to get caught up.

      I though the ax scene was great. I think Freddie Prinze Jr. was a terrible choice. But when he cut off the motorcade, I thought that was awesome. And then when the assassin had him and he refused to help him escape, that was awesome. The idea that CTU boss would let Jack act like he's a live agent is retarded. Just because the boss didn't have the manpower at the helicopter to pick up an informant that they didn't know anything about? Sure Jack, here are some guns, go nuts. I thought it would have been better to let him escape and have CTU on the lookout for him at that moment.

      I felt like we didn't know the brother enough to be shocked that he's a mole. And they way they showed us that the blond "was the mole" was obvious immediately that she wasn't really it.

      I still don't give a shit about the White House scenes. I wish the action was shifted 80/20 instead of 50/50.

      And could the blond CTU agent be more mannish? Is that Jenny's secret from the past? That she's a freakin' dude? The sleeveless look is not good for her man arms.

      At some point I hope Jack stops pretending that's he's getting on a plane to LA tonight, because we know he can just catch one tomorrow night.

      Also, Renee? I had to look her up since I couldn't remember what season she was from. Turns out last season. At least they didn't bring back

      • [Untitled]
        Posted by: niraj on Jan 21st, 2010 | 12:14pm

        Thanks for the note about the spoiler's fixed. As for the rest of your comment, you're dead on. Though I did remember Renee from last season, so that made me cringe. She's definitely playing a much different character now, but I'm fairly sure I'm still going to be annoyed by her, maybe even moreso now that she's acting like Jack.

        What did happen to all the hot women on 24? They've even managed to make Kim look less hot this season.

        Freddie really surprised me too. I was worried he was going to play some cheesy character the whole time, or be hard to believe.

        • [Untitled]
          Posted by: junosand on Jan 28th, 2010 | 04:05pm

          I've seen the first four episodes now.

          I also loved the ax scene.

          I wish I could disagree with Burnsy, but he's spot on. I thought the season started a little slow, and it still seems like it should pick up.

          There are several storylines I don't care about the Jenny/Dana Walsh one and the blonde journalist one. I hope those are over soon.

          Is it just me, or did anybody else like the original Russian terrorist ?

    • [Untitled]
      Posted by: dave on Jan 21st, 2010 | 04:39pm

      I think it's bad writing to bring back Renee and now give her this dark back story and have her being all renegade. When we met her last year, she didn't seem at like she had undercover abilities. She was just a straight by the book agent. Whatever.

      • [Untitled]
        Posted by: dave on Jan 28th, 2010 | 01:58pm

        Saw episode 5. Could I care less about the "Jenny" storyline or whether the Islamic Republic President has declared martial law?


        Still enjoy Jack's storyline although was a little predictable that they wouldn't buy Renee's cover at first, would kill the other guy, and then save Renee at the end. Might have better if this was my first season watching.

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