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Wirelessly recharge phones, mp3 playersInnovative
Yahoo has an article about a company called Splashpower which is coming out with a device that allows you to charge things like cell phones and iPods wirelessly. Looks like the devices may be kind of expensive though.
To pick up the power field, gadgets must have a receiver coil built into them or have an adapter clipped on the back. At Ceatec the company showed a clip-on adapter for an iPod mini music player, and a Nokia cell phone with a built-in coil. Both devices, when placed on the pads, began charging.

Initially the company will start by selling Splash Pads and a range of adapters in the U.K. and Europe in mid-2006, said Cheng. Following the European launch, the company will turn its attention to other markets. It expects the larger charging pad will cost US$150 to $200, the smaller pad will cost between $30 and $40 and adapters will cost about $15 to $20 per device.

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