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Bing Maps gets Worldwide Telescope AppFreakin' Sweet!
This is very cool...the new version of Bing Maps has added Worldwide Telescope. This was previewed in this very cool TED talk where one of the things they showed was dragging around in Bing Maps streetview. When they dragged to see more of the sky, the image darkened and stars and outlines of constellations became visible as in the picture below.

Now you can try it for yourself in the new version of Bing Maps. Towards the bottom of the page there's a button called "Map Apps" and clicking on it shows you a list of apps you can enable. If you turn on Worldwide Telescope, then go to streetview somewhere (it's somewhat limited on where you can do this), you can then drag the sky into view and the image will dim and reveal what constellations you can see at the present time. I can't wait to try it at night and see how well it works.

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