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Interesting shows for the start of 2012TV
TV show schedules seem really weird now, with shows taking breaks mid-season or waiting to start new seasons after the holidays. I found a comprehensive list on Warming Glow of when shows are starting/resuming over the next several weeks since I watch too many TV shows. Here's the short version (with some additions by me):

ABC: Happy Endings/Modern Family/Suburgatory (Jan. 4)
NBC: SNL (Jan. 7), 30 Rock/Parks and Recreation/The Office/Up All Night (Jan. 12)
CBS: How I Met Your Mother (Jan. 2)
FOX: The Simpsons/Family Guy (Jan. 8), Fringe (Jan. 13), New Girl (Jan. 17), Bob's Burgers (Mar. 11)
FX: Justified (Jan. 17), Archer (Jan. 19)
AMC: The Walking Dead (Feb. 12), Mad Men (March)
HBO: Eastbound and Down (Feb. 19)
SHOWTIME: Californication/Shameless (Jan. 8)
IFC: Portlandia (Jan. 6)
Comedy Central: South Park (Mar. 14)

The complete, much longer list can be seen here.

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