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Protesting SOPA and PIPAInternet
By now you've probably already seen lots of major sites (Google, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Reddit, etc.) make significant changes or shutdown altogether to protest SOPA and PIPA for a day.

Reddit has a great explanation of what all this web censorship really means for users, websites, and search engines both via a blog post from yesterday (this is a permanent link) and their homepage today (this is only temporary until the blackout ends).

And makes it really easy to make your voice heard, letting you send letters to your representatives (if you're in the US) or to the State Department (if you're outside the US) in just a few clicks. This issue affects those outside the US as well, as described in the Reddit post.

I found Google's censored logo and's homepage to be some of the most visually striking and effective messages:

The reason so many people are making a big deal about this is that it really is a big deal, and there's too many people that aren't aware of it. Hopefully this stops bills like these which try to regulate the internet without actually knowing the widespread implications of such actions. The mere fact that Reddit would be considered a foreign site and Pirate Bay would be considered a domestic site under the wording of the bills makes it clear that they were drafted without any real technical understanding.

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