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Rant on...inconsiderate redundancyRants
This rant is the 13th installment of the Rant On... series, which will be featured regularly - by which I mean whenever I feel like ranting. Post any suggestions for future rants in the comments.
It's been ages since I've posted an update on this site, and honestly I've been holding off in the hopes of doing a massive redesign because the whole thing seems rather stale (and I know infintely more about web design and programming now). However I saw three instances of the same offending behavior in different circumstances this morning and couldn't resist posting a new rant.

So what do I mean by inconsiderate redundancy? Say a few people at work are waiting for an elevator on the ground floor. Obviously, someone has likely already hit the button to call the elevator. To make this apparent, there's a convenient little light behind the button that illuminates to let everyone know someone took care of business. Now, some guy wanders up...maybe he's distracted by his phone (this could be the subject of another rant, but is too obvious), distracted by a call he's on, or just daydreaming.

In any case, why would this person not think to glance at the call button before going out of their way to approach it with the intent of hitting it again? Moreover, why would they bump people who are standing near the button (but not obscuring the line of sight that would be necessary to see the button is illuminated) in order to perform an entirely useless action?

Then once on the elevator it's even worse. There's a good chance the elevator has several people on it, and trying to go out of the way to hit the button is going to disturb some people. Again, someone is hitting an already illuminated button. Or on an elevator with very few (like 3) people on it, there's no excuse not to see your floor is already hit.

You might interject, "Maybe they think the action will happen quicker if they hit it again," to which I retort: they why don't they just stand there jamming the button, if that actually worked?

So the elevator thing is pretty annoying, but it's even worse on the bus I take in the morning (thankfully it's a short ride), because it's not just a rare offender like with the elevator, and the bus is way more packed so people are definitely getting shoved around if someone is trying to pull the cord to request a stop.

When someone pulls the cord, there's a small delay and then there is a loud chime indicating a stop was requested. There's also a sign at the front of the bus that lights up (or scrolls on the LED displays) boldly indicating "STOP REQUESTED". Yet dozens of people will create a path of destruction and lunge for the cord again for the same stop. Even being blind would be no excuse...the chime is loud enough to be heard even over headphones (except for those who are playing music so loud, you're sure they're deaf because you can hear it at a comfortable volume and you're not the one wearing the headphones) and for the sighted, there's that visual indicator too.

Time for the never-done-before rant-within-a-rant...on the bus as it starts to fill up, people get told to move further back (in the morning all the seats are filled so there's people standing). However, this is the worst system ever, because what if you're only on for another 3 stops? Everyone else is in it for the long haul, but you get glared at if you decide not to move back. Of course, if you do acquiesce and move back, you're going to get glared at in 3 stops when you're trying to worm your way back to the door.

The moral is, buses and elevators suck, but mostly because people are stupid.

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