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Apple debuts video iPod!Music
Time to throw out that obsolete 20-gig only-plays-mp3s monstrosity. Apple has debuted it's new video iPods. One with 30GB for $299, and one with 60GB for $399. And of course, besides the storage increase they have decreased the size (30% thinner than the original iPod) and extended the battery life again (5 more hours, bringing it to 20 hours). The video iPod also comes in black. The display is clearly bigger for easier viewing of video (it will also have a video-out connection). There's a new version of iTunes - 6. It looks like music videos on the music store are going for $1.99, and they are going to have TV episodes available at the same cost. So far they have mentioned "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" as some of the shows they will offer. Also, like the Nano with the Mini, this is replacing the current iPods.

Read on for full-size pics.

Click on the images below for even more hugeness.

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